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Wellknown OpenSource Projects
Security Goals
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Well Known OpenSource Projects

The count of OpenSource projects is hardly to ascertain, there are several websites which only are concerned to mediate information for a many projects. First to mention is the Open Source Development Network. This site give a lot of links to other sites that look after many projects. Everywhere you can take part in mailing lists and discussion groups. The following are the main sites to display:

SourceForge Here more then 68000 projects are shown, they speak of more then 700000 registered users.

Freshmeat Freshmeat holds about 30000 projects and 116000 users.

DevChannel SlashDot GeoCrawler Linux.com Newsforge
How many projects these sites offer may be found out by the interested reader.

linux.org Logo Linux

Linux is the best known OpenSource project and has many contributors and much more users worldwide. Mainly Linux is qualified as server operating system, because Linux shows very high stability and scalability. Scalability in this case means that Linux is working properly from old personal computers with less memory up to mainframe machines with many processors.
Linux is a Unix-clone and follows the concept of displaying all system resources as files to achieve a unified access. The accessrights are organized as in Unix as well, permissions for Read, Write and Execute can be set seperately for owner, groupmembers and others for every file and directory.
All configuration data is placed in plain text files and are easyly to administer, a simple editor suffices.
As Linux is OpenSource, the possibilities to adapt it to different tasks is very big. Every user can configure the operarting system kernel that it fits on his own needs. From a small router-pc with several network interfaces and less memory up to a big cluster, coworking computers with some hundreds of single computers are possible and well tried.
Many companies have made Linux to be the center of their business and sell distributions. As we described under Licenses it is allowed to earn money on providing OpenSource software on media and with attending support. Linux and OpenSource show up a surpassing growth, a future market.
As exsample here a few distributors are listed here, this list is not complete certainly.

SuSE Linux
is well known for the big extent of their Linux distribution, as well as for high quality manuals and lots of extensions to the Linux kernel and the simplification of the administration with their tools.

RedHat Linux
is sited in USA and considered to be the most widespread distribution.

Mandrake Debian Slackware Linux
and much more.

is a Linux distribution that boots from one CD-ROM and contains all necessary things. From hardware recognition over Office applications up to picture processing, all runs without tampering with the harddisk.

Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds.

Apache Logo Apache

The Apache webserver is one of the most successful OpenSource projects. Although often not seen at the surface, it does its work reliably in the background: the delivery of web pages and further services as crypted data transfer (Secure Socket Layer, SSL), web forms (Common Gateway Interface) and as interface to databases and much more. More then 50 percent of the market share is held by Apache.

GNU Logo GNU‘s Not Unix

What would be Linux without GNU? A skeleton without the flesh? Well, that sounds a bit exaggerated, but a bit of truth is in it: The GNU project provides a lot of tools that are working behind the view on the graphical desktops. It is a long list, so only a few of them are mentioned here: gawk (GNU Aho, Weinberger, Kernigan), grep (global regular expression print), find, locate, ls (list), shell (commandline interpreter), vim (visional improved editor), mount, date, tar (tape archiver) and many more. At least the GPL (GNU General Public License) made possible the big success of OpenSource.

The GIMP Logo The GIMP

The GNU Image Manipulation Program is a picture processing software. Its capabilities follow the Adobe Photoshop but extend them further on. GIMP knows a lot of PlugIns and can be automated via script languages as Scheme and PERL.

		Logo OpenOffice.org

With OpenOffice.org the company Sun Microsystems has given the source code of the StarOffice5.2 package to the OpenSource community. Since that time OpenOffice.org is maintained and further developed by volunteers and Sun workers.
OpenOffice.org comes with a text processor Writer, a spreadsheet Calc, a drawing application Draw, a presentation software Impress and an editor for formulars Math.
OpenOffice.org easyly imports file formats of other office programs.

XFree86 Logo XFree86

XFree86 is the free X-Server and implements the X11 window system release 6. The X-server is responsible for the graphics device and what is shown on the display. Originally developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) allows to work through the network, the user has not to sit at that computer that is running his X-server, the clients of the X11 window system can be displayed remotely. XFree86 cares about further developement and the drivers for new graphics devices.

OpenSSH Logo OpenSSH

The secure shell (SSH) makes it possible to work on remote computers with an encrypted data transfer. OpenSSH is the OpenSource implementation of this protocol. The keyexchange is done with unsymmetric encryption, the encrypted data transfer is then symmetricly encrypted, to save resources. Every hour new encryption keys are negotiated. As well as secure is the copying of data to remote machines using the scp (secure copy) command which is included in the OpenSSH package.

FreeS/WAN Logo FreeS/WAN

The FreeS/WAN project cares for security in the internet protocol. Data encryption on connections between networks or single computers using the public internet. This way we setup virtual private networks (VPN) with OpenSource software. The encryption is done using the AH-Protokoll (Authentication Header) or the ESP-Protokoll (Encapsulated Security Payload). FreeS/WAN understands Opportunistic Encryption (OE) that facilitates the administratior's work.

Openswan Logo FreeS/WAN has stopped developement but the project lives on under the name of Openswan.  

Samba Logo Samba

The name of this projects was created from the three letters SMB which abbreviate Server Message Block. This is a protocol with which many computers running the usual operating system offer files and print services. Samba now allows to connect computers with different operating systems. A lot of things in a local network get easier. When all client computers use a Samba server for their private files, only one computer needs to be backed up. With Samba the server can offer one or more printers to be used by all clients.

KDE Logo KDE - K Desktop Environment

KDE is the most widespread desktop under Linux. It captivates with its comprehensive equipment, a big amount of applications is included: from screen-ruler to card games, from office applications to CD-burner, from vocabulary trainer to sound recorder. The most important application is the Konqueror, it integrates nearly all things the user has to do into one application. Konqueror is a file and web browser which is able to show nearly all file types using plugins. Wenn a file is of type wave it will open a wave player tool inside its window to play the sound.
The K desktop is highly configurable, even the look of the window system of the market leader it can look like.

This enumeration of successful OpenSource projects could be led on and on but the interested reader is recommended to surf the internet for OpenSource products and find out his/her own favorites.

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