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A warm welcome on the pages of the company!

On this website we will soon describe the advantages of OpenSource-Software in detail and we will show how it can save money in your own company. In most of the cases actual OpenSource-Software is not only coequal to proprietary software, but can show up with better features. Since the sourcecode of OpenSource software is open to the public everbody, if with the appropriate knowledge or not, is free to see the programming in detail, to check and to modify. This way a big potential arises in the public for testing OpenSource software. The feedback is discussed in news groups and mailing lists and gets fast to the developers and project members and is applied in the next revision of the software. The enterprise found its name by combining parts of the name of the founder with the name of the well known OpenSource project, the operating system Linux. Furtheron this name hanslux includes a sound for a carnivore, the lynx, a wild cat (lynx is in German language "Luchs", pronounced like "looks"). This animal is not only the logo of this enterprise, also qualities of this beautiful wild cat we like to take as example for the contents we want to show.

The lynx is fast

This quality is found in many OpenSource projects. Sophisticated programmers write good and lean code leading to fast programs.
The response time to security leaks published in internet is rather short. In general OpenSource programmers are fastly delivering a solution.

The lynx is vigilant

In the domain of OpenSource there are many projects concerning about security in Information Technology. Networkanalysis, Intruder Detection, securing with Firewalls and much more. As vigilant as the lynx the company will serve and satisfy their customers.

The lynx has excellent sense organs

Like the lynx with its sharp eyes and the outstanding ears the company wants to find out the needs of its customers.

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